When will I receive my order & what are your delivery costs?

All of our UK orders are sent by Royal Mail 1st Class for just £2.99 per order. All of our international deliveries cost just £8.00 per order. If the order is placed before 3pm Mon - Fri then it will be dispatched that same day.

Are your Superfoods organic?

Absolutely! Every Superfood in our range is 100% organic & certified so by the Soil Association.

Are your Superfoods pure or do they contain fillers, binders & additives like some other company's products?

All of our Superfoods are 100% pure. They contain nothing but the actual Superfood itself. No horrible fillers, binders or additives.

Are your Superfoods suitable for vegetarians & vegans?

Yes they are! All of our Superfoods are registered with the Vegan Society & due to their incredible nutrient & vitamin contents they are the perfect addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet!

Are your Superfoods gluten free?

Absolutely! Every Superfood in our range is gluten free, soya free, dairy free & yeast free.

Can I blend the Superfoods in your range together?

All of our Superfoods are 100% compatible with each other! We'd love to hear of any creations that you come up with! Who knows, we may even feature them on our recipe section!

Are your products safe to consume during pregnancy and/or whilst breastfeeding?

Our Superfoods are 100% pure & natural & they are subject to strict quality control, every batch is individually tested for contaminants. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend that you consult a medical professional for advice.

I've seen that some other brands have an issue with heavy metals contaminating their Spirulina & Chlorella, how do I know yours doesn't have any contamination?

As well as only partnering with suppliers who farm organically to Soil Association standards & have strict QC procedures, we internally test every batch individually to ensure that all of our products are pure & completely contaminant free!

How should I store your Superfoods?

All our Superfoods come in a resealable pouch to keep them fresh. After use, squeeze out all the air, reseal the pouch and store it in a cool, dark, dry place.

How much of the Superfood should I take?

The recommended dosage varies from Superfood to Superfood, each individual product page contains this information as does the back of the packaging!

How do I take these Superfoods?

Our recipe section has some fantastic ideas for getting creative with the Superfoods, whether it be in juices/smoothies or desserts or salads plus many more! The Spiriluna/Chlorella tablets should be swallowed with water, up to a maximum of 8 per day.

I have a shop/website & I'd love to stock your products, is this possible?

Please send us an email with all your details including location & a website address (if applicable) to stockists@kaizenliving.co.uk & a member of our team will contact you!