Our Awesome Launch Weekend…

Well what a weekend that was!! Kaizen Living officially opened our Superfood doors to the public on Friday at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show at the London Olympia & we genuinely could not have asked for a better reaction! Now of course the tale of Kaizen Living starts WAY before last Friday but we’ll be telling that story soon in an upcoming post… for now we’ll concentrate on our fantastic launch!


The show brought together lots of fantastic health food & healthy living brands as well as celebrities such as Davina McCall & well known healthy chefs, authors & nutritionists! When we first booked our stand at the show we thought we’d have been trading for at least 6 weeks prior, but due to various delays that I guess are part & parcel of launching a business, it all meant that the very first time that we even saw our Superfoods in their pouches was at 8am on Friday 27th February… the very first day of the show! I’m a great believer the old mantra that things happen for a reason & I can’t help but think that all the delays that we encountered in our launch were all meant to be, because I genuinely could not have wished for a better place to launch than at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show!




Emma & Jo from #TeamKaizen


We managed to sell lots of our fantastic Superfoods at the show & of course this was hugely important to us as up until our launch, all we’d done was spend, spend, spend with no income! But even more important than the sales was all the fantastic people that we met… naturally we mean our amazing customers but also the people who came to our stand just to find out more about us, the lovely people at River Street Events who organised the show & the other exhibitors at the show – many of whom I feel we will be friends for life with – after all, we’re all on the same journey!


So we just want to say a big thank you to absolutely everyone that we met, everyone who visited us & took the time to talk to us, to listen to us, to buy our products, to sign up to our mailing list, to try one of our samples of one of SpamellaB‘s delicious brownies (thank you Spamella!) or just take one of our brochures! It really was fantastic to meet every one of you & we really couldn’t have wished for a better start to Kaizen Living’s journey!





Kaizen Living’s Emma with Natasha Corrett aka @HonestlyHealthy!


With Natasha Corrett




Superfood Goodies on our stand!!






Emma with Christine Bailey!


With Christine Bailey




Davina McCall opening the show!






Our friends at @ChiCocoWater – great brand & lovely people!






Our friends at @Superfoodio doing their thing! Another exciting brand who launched at the show!






The brilliant @arctic_berries girls! Check them out!!






The brilliant @OppoIceCream! Soooo good!