Kaizen Living® Organic Barleygrass Powder
Kaizen Living® Organic Barleygrass

Organic Barleygrass Powder

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Barleygrass is absolutely packed full of chlorophyll, protein, vitamins & minerals and as such is one of the most nutritionally balanced foods on the planet. No wonder then that we can trace its use by humans back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, Romans & Vikings!


Our Barleygrass is organically grown outdoors on luscious pastures in a beautiful, remote, completely unpolluted part of Northern China. The water used to irrigate the fields is mineral-rich underground spring water so 100% free from agricultural runoff or pollution.


Enjoy 10g – 15g per day


Kaizen Living® Organic Barleygrass Powder

These are just some of the amazing health benefits of our Organic Barleygrass Powder...

  • High in Iron - Up to 5 x more than spinach!
  • High in Vitamin E!
  • High in Magnesium!
  • High in Zinc!
  • Packed full of Chlorophyll - a great antioxidant!
  • Neutralises heavy metals such as mercury in the blood!
  • High in Calcium - up to 11 x more than cow's milk!

Nutritional Information per 100g

Organic Barleygrass Powder

Energy Fat (g) Of which saturates (g) Carbohydrate (g) Of which sugars (g) Fibre (g) Protein (g) Salt (g) Vitamin E (mg) Calcium (mg) Magnesium (mg) Iron (mg) Zinc (mg)















Kaizen Living’s Organic Barleygrass is grown on luscious pastures in a beautiful, remote, completely unpolluted part of Northern China. The seeds are planted in the autumn of each year and allowed to grow over the next 4-5 months, giving the barley plants time to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the fertile soil. Unlike some other sources, Kaizen Living’s Barleygrass is cultivated outside which means that the developing shoots benefit from exposure to many hours of natural sunlight each day, and the long growing season gives the young barley plants ample time to assimilate all of the minerals extracted from the nutrient rich soil. No chemical pesticides or fertilisers are used to grow our Organic Barleygrass, and all of the water used to irrigate the fields is extracted from deep below the ground and guaranteed free from pollution or agricultural runoff. 


Our Barleygrass is monitored throughout its growth and cut just as it reaches the jointing stage. By harvesting the new leaf blades at this point in their development all of the carbohydrate energy, chlorophyll and amino acids which have accumulated in preparation for the plant’s transition from a vegetative to reproductive phase can be extracted.


By allowing the shoots to continue developing in natural conditions for as long as possible, we can ensure that our Barleygrass contains only minimal amounts of simple sugars stored within its leaves, as these are converted over time into complex carbohydrates which release energy more slowly when digested. Once ready to be harvested, the young Barleygrass plants are carefully cut at the base by hand and quickly transported to a facility where they are carefully cleaned, then sorted by hand to remove any poor quality leaves. The Barleygrass is then dried rapidly and crushed into a fine powder using a freezing air method, with less than an hour passing from the moment the Barleygrass leaves are cut to production of the finished Kaizen Living® Organic Barleygrass powder! 


Certified Organic


As with all of the Superfoods in the Kaizen Living® range our Barleygrass is certified as organic by the Soil Association here in the UK.. Not only does this guarantee that there are no nasty additives & that no pesticides or genetically modified crops are used, it also guarantees excellent environmental practices are used in producing the products & that we actively preserve natural resources. Amongst many other things, it also shows that Kaizen Living® products have high nutrient contents & high animal welfare standards – something that is very important to our beliefs. Our Barleygrass powder is also certified as organic by the EU.


Suitable for Vegans


Again, as with all the Superfoods in the Kaizen Living® range our Barleygrass is registered with the Vegan Society. This of course symbolises the fact that all of our Superfoods are 100% suitable for Vegans.


Highest Quality at a Great Price 


At Kaizen Living® we pride ourselves on sourcing only the very finest quality Superfoods from around the world. The products that we bring to you are, in our opinion, the very best quality Superfoods that you can buy anywhere. Quality wise we know that we more than stand up to every other supplier in the market. Not only that, we have also ensured that we have priced all of our Superfoods very fairly. In terms of cost to quality we believe that we are in a ‘Super League’ all of our own!

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