Kaizen Living® Organic Chia Seeds
Kaizen Living® Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Chia Seeds

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The Chia plant originates in South & Central America & you can go back over 4000 years to the Aztecs, Mayans & other native American tribes who were cultivating the seed as a staple food crop. In fact ‘Chia’ is actually the Mayan word for ‘strength’! With their ability to boost energy & stamina levels it’s easy to see how they got their name… these little fellas pack a mighty punch!


Kaizen Living’s Chia Seeds are organically & ethically grown on farms across South America. We only partner with farmers in locations across Chia’s naturally occurring range. With farms in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador & Paraguay we are able to guarantee a consistent supply of top quality, raw & organic Chia Seeds even when conditions vary.


Our Organic Chia Seeds are of the black variety & are completely unmilled.


Enjoy up to 15g per day


Kaizen Living® Organic Chia Seeds

These are just some of the amazing health benefits of our Organic Chia Seeds...

  • Protects from cardiovascular disease!
  • Helps lower cholesterol levels!
  • High in calcium! Approximately 5 x more than milk!
  • Approximately 15 x more magnesium than broccoli!
  • Helps control weight by increasing the feeling of fullness!
  • High in fibre!
  • High in iron! Approximately 3 x more than spinach!
  • Source of potassium!

Nutritional Information per 100g

Organic Chia Seeds

Energy Fat (g) Of which saturates (g) Carbohydrate (g) Of which sugars (g) Fibre (g) Protein (g) Salt (g) Potassium (mg) Calcium (mg) Phosphorous (mg) Magnesium (mg) Iron (mg)















Unlike the vast majority of Chia Seeds readily available in UK supermarkets & health food stores, Kaizen Living’s Chia Seeds are 100% Organic. Furthermore our Chia is grown on farms which all fall within Chia’s naturally occurring range across South America, with locations in Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. By partnering with farmers in more than one country we are able to guarantee a consistent supply of quality Chia even when weather conditions vary. Despite partnering with a number of Organic farms, the growing process is standardised so that every batch of Kaizen Living® Chia represents the same high quality.


The techniques used to grow the Chia on our farms have been developed over 500 years by native Nahua villagers who have been domesticating the wild Chia plant for generations, using selective breeding to improve the natural resistance of the plants to pests. These truly are the ultimate Chia experts!


Our Organic Chia Seeds are routinely tested and analysed for contaminants, to ensure that the final product is completely pure & of the absolute highest quality!


Certified Organic


As with all of the Superfoods in the Kaizen Living® range our Chia Seeds are certified as organic by the Soil Association here in the UK. Not only does this guarantee that there are no nasty additives & that no pesticides or genetically modified crops are used, it also guarantees excellent environmental practices are used in producing the products & that we actively preserve natural resources. Amongst many other things, it also shows that Kaizen Living® products have high nutrient contents & high animal welfare standards – something that is very important to our beliefs.


Suitable for Vegans


Again, as with all the Superfoods in the Kaizen Living® range our Chia Seeds are registered with the Vegan Society. This of course symbolises the fact that all of our Superfoods are 100% suitable for Vegans.


Highest Quality at a Great Price 


At Kaizen Living® we pride ourselves on sourcing only the very finest quality Superfoods from around the world. The products that we bring to you are, in our opinion, the very best quality Superfoods that you can buy anywhere. Quality wise we know that we more than stand up to every other supplier in the market. Not only that, we have also ensured that we have priced all of our Superfoods very fairly. In terms of cost to quality we believe that we are in a ‘Super League’ all of our own!

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