Kaizen Living® Organic Spirulina Powder
Kaizen Living® Organic Spirulina

Organic Spirulina Powder

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Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that has existed on the planet for literally billions of years. Kaizen Living’s Organic Spirulina contains over 65% natural protein! In fact, NASA recognise Spirulina as such a complete food that they even use it for their Astronauts in space!


Our Spirulina is cultivated organically on a remote island in the bright sunshine of the South China Sea. To ensure that our Spirulina is of the very highest standard & completely pure we routinely test for the presence of mercury, lead and other contaminants.


Enjoy 5g – 15g per day

Kaizen Living® Organic Spirulina Powder

These are just some of the amazing health benefits of our Organic Spirulina Powder...

  • Kaizen Living's Organic Spirulina contains over 65% protein!
  • High in Calcium - great for teeth & bone development!
  • High in Vitamin B12!
  • Contains a whopping 18 amino acids including all the essentials!
  • High in Magnesium!
  • Contains Vitamin B6 & is high in Iron - both of which support healthy cognitive function - brain power!
  • High in Beta carotene which gives us healthy eyes and vision!
  • Contains high chlorophyll levels which makes it a great detoxifier!

Nutritional Information per 100g

Organic Spirulina Powder

Energy Fat (g) Of which saturates (g) Carbohydrate (g) Of which sugars (g) Fibre (g) Protein (g) Salt (g) Vitamin B12 (µg) Calcium (mg) Magnesium (mg) Iron (mg)














Our remote island location in the South China Sea is absolutely perfect for Spirulina growth due to the consistently warm temperatures and long hours of sunshine, both of which are essential for productive growth rates. The Spirulina farm itself is literally surrounded by beautiful natural woodlands & forests and is completely isolated from any urban areas or sources of agricultural pollution. Many sources of Spirulina in the market can unfortunately be contaminated with heavy metals, but at Kaizen Living® our Spirulina is routinely tested for the presence of mercury, lead and other contaminants to ensure that the finished product is completely pure.


We don’t stop at testing just the Spirulina itself though… samples from the growing ponds are tested daily. We measure the pH levels & the concentration of Spirulina in the water and from these results we can calculate the perfect time to harvest. This ensures that our Spirulina is only harvested when its nutrients are at their optimum levels!


When harvested, our Spirulina is cleaned by hand over a mesh-screen to ensure that only pure Spirulina is processed. To remove the moisture from the wet Spirulina it is then placed in a drying chamber which works through evaporation, this means that all of the nutrient content is preserved as the Spirulina is transformed in to a fine green powder which can be packaged immediately, or compressed into our 100% pure Spirulina tablets.


Our method of Organically farming Spirulina is incredibly environmentally healthy. In fact it is so kind to the environment that it actually removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while it is growing!


Certified Organic


As with all of the Superfoods in the Kaizen Living® range our Spirulina is certified as organic by the Soil Association here in the UK. Not only does this guarantee that there are no nasty additives & that no pesticides or genetically modified crops are used, it also guarantees excellent environmental practices are used in producing the products & that we actively preserve natural resources. Amongst many other things, it also shows that Kaizen Living® products have high nutrient contents & high animal welfare standards – something that is very important to our beliefs.


Suitable for Vegans


Again, as with all the Superfoods in the Kaizen Living® range our Spirulina is registered with the Vegan Society. This of course symbolises the fact that all of our Superfoods are 100% suitable for Vegans.


Highest Quality at a Great Price 


At Kaizen Living® we pride ourselves on sourcing only the very finest quality Superfoods from around the world. The products that we bring to you are, in our opinion, the very best quality Superfoods that you can buy anywhere. Quality wise we know that we more than stand up to every other supplier in the market. Not only that, we have also ensured that we have priced all of our Superfoods very fairly. In terms of cost to quality we believe that we are in a ‘Super League’ all of our own!

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